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Welcome to Kerala Kickboxing Association (WAKO INDIA KERALA)

Kerala Kickboxing Association is the sole governing body in Kerala to control and develop Kickboxing sport. KKA is the member of WAKO INDIA, Asian Kickboxing Federation and World Association of Kickboxing Organizations(WAKO). WAKO Asia as a recognized body in charge of Kickboxing sport by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) is working hard to develop the sport of Kickboxing in Asia and particularly in India. School games federation of India ( SGFI) recognised Kickboxing since 2005

About the Founder

Wako Kerala founder K P Nataraj is an Internationally repute versatile Martial artist, Engineer & Psychologist came in contact with Mr.S S Harichandan, President of IAKO in 2009 and introduced Kickboxing in Kerala state through Kerala Kickboxing Association. In 2010 november 13 & 14 kerala Kickboxing Association conducted blackbelt grading and first refree/Judge seminar in Trivandrum, Kerala under the leadership of IAKO President Mr.SS Harichandan. 30 of them were passed and qualified as National Refree/Judge and Certificate issued. As the General secretary of Kerala Kickboxing Association, K P Nataraj sucessfully organised and completed the first refree/judge National seminar.

He is 9th star Black sash in Kung Fu, 4th dan Black Belt in Kickboxing, 4th Dan Black Belt in Kobudo,3rd Dan Black Belt in Karate. Redmangole in Muaythai National Chief for Wing Chun KungFu, India & National Chief for Jow Ga Kungfu in India. He also trained Wushu , Escarima , Kalari & Kobudo. Since IAKO is dismissed by the International Organisation WAKO ASIA & WAKO and given affiliation to WAKO INDIA ( National Kickboxing Federation of India) , kerala Kickboxing Association joined with WAKO INDIA to safe guard the Interest of WAKO.



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